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FREE Dragonman - Character Portrait Course 
By Koyima - Konstantinos Giatilis (3D Artist, Gamedev, Instructor )

6h 30min of great FREE video tutorial series for you!
You also get FREE Photo Reference used in this series.

Follow for updates on what koyima is creating.
- How do I create a 3D character portrait from scratch?
- How do I build the required geometry for sculpting and rigging? 
- How do I follow a concept sketch?

These are all questions I get from friends, students and colleagues online that want to create 3D character portraits.
So I have created this series of video tutorials showing the process of creating a 3D character portrait in real time.

The course:
You can follow my every step as I create the Dragonman 3D bust and portrait, starting from a concept sketch in a 15 part tutorial.

Each part lasts between 10 and 30 minutes and you get the whole process, so you can skip or revisit any section as you please.
Total running time 6 hours and 30 minutes.

The process:
We start with a concept sketch and build the mesh step by step in 3dsmax. The process is pretty straightforward: we start with simple shapes and add detail gradually, based on the sketch.
A lot of people find it complex and overwhelming though, so this video will show you how what seems complex begins as a set of simple primitive shapes and how detail is developed in chunks and in passes.

This base model will be used to sculpt and texture our character bust in ZBrush and Photoshop.
Finally we take the model back to 3dsmax and render a few shots in 3dsmax.

The outcome:
By the end of the course you should be able to:
    • create your own model based on a sketch
    • understand basic modeling, sculpting and texturing concepts
    • be able to render and complete an image of your character bust

Thanks for checking out my course, I hope it helps you understand the process behind the creation of 3D characters and gives you the tools to further your art.




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