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High-Quality 3D Assets, Scans & Anatomy References for All Your Creative Needs

Explore our extensive collection of 3D and 2D references at 3D.sk, where quality meets creativity and diversity. From detailed body scans in various poses to professional grade head scans, our assets are perfect for enhancing any CG, VFX or clasic art project. Dive into a world where every scan from human figures to animals and weapons is crafted with precision to cater to the demanding needs of artists, game developers, and filmmakers. Whether creating a video game, a movie, or a virtual exhibition, our high-resolution assets ensure your projects impress and engage.

3D Assets & 3D Scans 

3D References for a comprehensive array of scans including apose, hands, bodies, fashion items, and over 700 detailed head scans. From everyday poses to specific professional gear like military equipment, our scans cater to the needs of 3D modelling, VFX and CGI projects across industries. This category offers raw, cleaned and retopologized scans, perfect for bringing your creative visions to life with hyperrealism feelings.

2D Assets - References

2D Assets - References

Discover over 1 milion images from 2004- anatomy references with detailed photo sets of both male and female models in 8K resolution. Our collection spans body parts, references of knees, elbows, eye, ears, hands. Professional attire from various fields like healthcare, firefighting, and more, plus specialized content like animal references and diverse facial expressions. Ideal for artists and game developers needing high-quality images for realistic character creation.