Frequently Asked Questions

A recurring membership means that you will be billed a membership amount every time until you cancel your membership. You will have access to all updates during your membership except the premium (average 20 updates per month).

Each photo typically costs 1 credit, though sets are sometimes discounted. Scans cost anywhere from 4 to 60+ credits, depending on the quality.
At this time, we do not offer direct purchases of photos, only through the subscription/credit system.

Yes, it's possible to pay through Wire Transfer or various crypto currencies. Please contact us and we will send you exact info.

Please go to PayPal to alter or cancel your membership.

Yes, please be aware that you can use the rest of your credits for another 6 months after your membership expires, after which they are removed from your account.

You will have access to more than 620,629 Hi-Res photos. Please browse all the photos in member's section on SETS LIST. To see all photos in photo session, please click on thumbnails. Premium content is available only to premium members. 

Yes, you can use all of our photos for commercial projects as long as you buy the Commercial Subscription instead of Hobby Subscription. So it's possible to create textures from our photos to map 3D characters and then sell the characters and/or textures to 3rd parties. For more info please study HOBBY license and/or COMMERCIAL license. If you have some suggestions feel free to contact us. is a site focused on traditional and comics artists and figure drawing. You will find there high resolution photos of female models in classic poses as well as various action poses requested by members. (gymnast, dancing, perspective, reading etc.).

We are updating our site more than 30 times per month. Standard monthly update usually contains:

a) 2x people references (6 updates = 4x poses, 2x modeling/texturing references)
b) 2x animal update
c) 2x costume update
d) 2x Cloth
e) 2x Premade head textures
f) 4x Street reference
g) 10 3D Scans
There is also a lot of additional content for premium members. If you are interested in news, register now.

Yes, all of our models signed a contract in which they agreed to the use of their photos for the creation of 3D models, characters for games and any other commercial or non-commercial use.

Most of the photos are 4992x3360. We have recently started (from05/2018) to use the 31Mpx Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a higher resolution of 6720x4480. Please check out our free samples section.

If you need an invoice, please contact us with the info about your company (name, address etc.) and time period of your membership and we will send or fax you the invoice in 24 hours. is a separate site focused on source photos for world texturing. It's possible to get a discount when you buy a membership to both sites.

Yes, when you are already member of and you buy a one year membership to you will receive 1 month on for free. Please always request this discount by contacting us so we can set it up for you. We will need your login name to both sites to be able to set it up.

Please contact us and look up your data. You will need any 2 of the following. Your PayPal mail address used when you joined or subscription number.

Yes, we provide more free samples or 1 month membership with 40 credits for free when you link to our site. Just let us know.

Yes, this would be great. You can submit your works if you are logged in by My Photos section. It needs to be approved by our admins. It takes to 24 hours.

We are sorry, but we do not currently sell DVDs with site content. There are two reasons. First we are constantly updating so you would miss hundreds of updates this way. Second, the content of the site is currently more than 10 TB and is rising.

Yes, we had several clothed child references on our site ( search/query//thumb/small/ standard/1/premium/1/category- 2000/0-17/page/1 ) and more references are adding constantly. If you are looking for child anatomy please check out Josef Zrzavy anatomy on

You can purchase more credit at any time. In order to do this, you need to choose the right credit pack for your purpose.

Premium corporate membership is focused mainly on game developers and graphic studios which need a high range of various human and animal photo references. It contains all the photos from the regular membership in zip files + a lot of additional content like - animals, pre-made textures, 3D models, Morphs ready to use in Unreal engine and more.

Premium users will receive an additional 15 clothed people references every month. We will also add an additional 5 clothes/costume sets, 1 additional animal photo set and 20 pre-made head textures and 2 character 3D models that could significantly speed up texture creation workflow.

Here is a detailed additional update schedule

6 additional updates per month:

a) 15 additional clothed people references (3 updates per 5 people)
b) 5 additional costume (1 update)
c) 2 additional animal (1 update)
d) 10 exclusive pre-made head textures (1 update)
f) 3 3D Scans
g) 10 Unreal Engine Ready Morphs

Please download the sample head texture. (4MB, 3072x2048)
Please download the sample low poly character. (3MB, max, obj, tga)

The premium corporate membership allows up to 20 simultaneous connections per login name and there is no download limit. The price is 1290 Euro for a one year corporate premium membership and 490 Euro for a one year *individual premium membership. *Individual membership is suitable for freelancers and hobby artists.*

Yes, this function is available for monthly reccuring customers. You can add your chosen photo references to Photo Basket and download these references as a .zip file. The equivalent number of credits will then be deducted from your account (number of downloaded photos = number of credits deducted). 1 credit will be deduced from your credit pack per photo.

To change your profile info log in and go to Settings section. There you can edit your profile.

We do not edit our photos, so it is usually important to edit them before you start the modeling process. Here are nice video tutorials how to prepare our photos for use as reference plates in your 3D package:

The simplest way how to find what you are looking for at is to use our SEARCH system.
If you are looking for clothes just select CASUAL at the Weapons line and according to the type of clothes are you looking for select the appropriate line under Body parts: FOOT for shoes, LEG for trousers or skirt, UPPER BODY for T-shirt, windbreaker, jacket or sweater, BOTTOM for mini skirts or back in jeans.

Feel free to use SEARCH tool.

We test our server connection each month. We found that the highest traffic is between 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM CET. Troubles with speed can be caused with your internet connection.

YES! we change our policy and all credits can be used cross each portal, more info you will find HERE

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Unfortunately, in order to do this, you need to cancel your regular membership and purchase a new Premium membership. It is not possible to upgrade your regular membership directly.

For our 1-month and 3-month plans, you'll receive a bonus for up to 8 billing cycles. To illustrate, with a 1-month plan, you'll initially receive 25 credits. In the second month, that increases to 28 credits (3 more than the first month), and in the third month, you'll have 30 credits. After 8 months, you'll receive a consistent 50 credits each month, which is an additional 25 credits as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty. Beyond the 8th billing cycle, you'll continue to receive the highest amount of bonus credits for as long as you remain with us. For our 1-year plans, you'll enjoy bonus credits for up to 4 billing cycles. Starting from the 5th billing cycle, you'll receive the maximum bonus credits and this benefit will continue for the duration of your subscription. We believe this offers significant value.
If you haven't found answer to your problem feel free to contact us.