Amal Retopo Head Scan V1 - Retopologized

Middle east caucasian female
180 cm height, 68kg weight

Amal Retopo Head Scan V1

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Head Woman White Bald 3D Retopologised Heads

This download includes

  • Photogrammetry 3D Head Scan

    Cleaned | Retopologised
High-quality female HEAD scan with a new topology. Very detailed textures. The scan was done with a technique called photogrammetry, processed through ZBrush and rendered for display with Marmoset ToolBag 2.

Data Sets includes

  • ztl file (requires Zbrush 2019 or later), obj file and texture set

Head specification

  • Zbrush model / 8 subdivision levels (1700 polygons at lowest subdivision level)
  • 8K textures: diffuse, specular, gloss, displacement, normal, AO, cavity, thickness

Eyes specification

  • eyelashes
  • eye balls V1 - game ready eyeball cornea and sclera
  • eye balls V2 - eyeball cornea and sclera
  • tear line
  • 4K textures: alpha mask, mask, normal

Mouth specification

  • teeth, tongue and gums
  • 4K textures: diffuse, normal, AO, gloss, mask