SAE Edge Assault Rifle Gun Photos & 3D scan

Weapon: RRA SA-E14 EDGE

M4 SA-E14 is manufactured under license from RRA - Rock River Arms, a leading manufacturer of quality weapons type AR-15, which has a contract with the DEA, FBI and USMS. In this license, each weapon has a unique serial number, as well as laser engraving with the type of weapon and the Rock River Arms logo on the body of the weapon. This model has a stock, handle, magazine and forearm in a sand color. The SA-E14 has a long M-Lok forearm and tilting sights.

SAE14 Edge Assault Rifle Gun Photos & 3D scan

75 credit(s) 1 photos


Weapons-Rifle Army 3D Weapons


Obj file of raw 3d scan and reference photos.

Technical Specifications:

  • OBJ file High Poly / 1 600 000 polys
  • 21 photos / 6720x4480 px

NOTE: This is a raw scan with no postproduction and no retopology.