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Hi !

Do you know Little Caprice or LadyDee?

We have more than 1000 of their photos ready to be used as a reference for your new 3D character in superb 6593 x 4396px high quality!

So, we bring you some FREE Reference of these wonderful girls!

Download FREE 20 reference now. :)

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Valid until 18.10. 2019


For browsing their whole sets find her at our site by searching Little Caprice or LadyDee.

Download FREE 20 reference now. :)
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We've extended double credits packs offer!
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We're so excited to bring you this news. Our brand new blog is officially live! We've worked hard on this past two months, and we believe now it's the time to share it with you, too.

Still here and not rummaging through the blog? Maybe you'd like to know what exactly you'll find there. Fair enough.

Get ready for posts about different categories of references, freebies, tutorials, contests, and sales. We'll even write about our models. All with a focus on our webs: 3D, Environmental Textures, Human & Female Anatomy, and Comics References.

You're more than welcome to visit it right now; there are already plenty of posts for you to read, with more on the way. We update our content often.

Let's celebrate this event together.
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